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Ultra fast, Boot to XBMC G-box


XBMC Barebone Android v0.1a by Static

After many weeks of work i am proud to present the first XBMC Barebone:

G-Box Midnight 2.0 – Not tested * Only install if you know how to do a recovery **
G-Box Midnight 2.1 – Fully tested, developed and working

*XBMC RC2 (thanks to brianf21 and mattburris)
*Direct Boot XBMC
*Fix for profile datareset
*Preconfigured “sources.xml” for SDCARD/USB/NFS/SMB
*Supports NFS native from XBMC
*Supports SMB native from XBMC
*Factory Default/reset proof
*XBMC Launcher Only (2 running processes: XBMC and RemoteControl)

*Tested with mkv 4/6/8gb files over WiFi.
*Please let me know what this does for you over ethernet

*Everything that was not needed

*Android Application Installer from XBMC (Programs)
*Android Settings from XBMC (Programs)
(if anyone has bluetooth, please test and let me know)

** IMPORTANT: FLASH AT OWN RISK, this is still alpha
This will turn you’re G-Box into XBMC Only (you can install apps, but no market!)
*Firmware 12-4-12 Released for Rev 2.0 and 2.1 G-Box Midnight ROOTED VERSION (UWS102912pusa_121205gbox_ext_wifi)
*SDCARD with atleast 250mb of free data (no USB-Stick)

* Download “static_xbmc-barebone_v0.1_alpha.zip”
* Unzip “static_xbmc-barebone_v0.1_alpha.zip” into root of SDCARD
* Factory/Reset your G-Box
* Skip setup and start Application Installer
* Install “pl.qbanin.rebootrecovery_1.0.apk” from SDCARD (External SDCARD)
* Run “Reboot Recovery”
* Wait for error, then the recovery menu appears.
* Select apply update
* Select /sdcard/update/static_xbmc-barebone.zip
* Wait for installer to complete
* Select reboot
* Wait until XBMC is fully booted, then turn of G-Box <– Important!!
* Turn G-Box on, and you are done.

* Android Configuration is done under, programs -> Android Program -> Settings

Many thanks go out to:
 * mattburris
 * johnnyturbo
md5: 19aa74f1718c71eecda534867c9f4421 *static_xbmc-barebone_v0.1_alpha.zip
sha1: d5f2351e599735ad34d7d2c7f44e3ba24c7974fa *static_xbmc-barebone_v0.1_alpha.zip