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G-Box midnight Fully Rooted 4.0 ICS preloaded with XBMC full 1080!!
Wednesday , 24 October 2012 , 01 : 10 PM

Midnight G-box

The new G-Box Midnight brings it hard with XBMC full hardware decoding.

The newest in our line-up of G-Boxes is the new Midnight. The Midnight features a more powerful processor and supports XBMC native hardware acceleration making it the best Media Center solution on the market today.

Unlike the other boxes out there the Midnight handles your media files like nobody’s business. We’re talking the most popular formats supported by XBMC running smooth as silk on this box, including popular XBMC plugins like YouTube and your favorite streaming video channels.

If you’re looking for a high performance box that won’t let you down then the Midnight is for you. It’s high performance AML Cortex  A9 Neon CPU will get things taken care of. Teamed with our personal favorite GPU, the Mali400, you can count on compatibility with your favorite 3D games and many other 3D apps out there designed for Android.

The Midnight not only looks awesome, it is built awesome. It’s CPU is well cooled by an over-sized heat-sink and the system is engineered better than any other box on the market for durability to hold up in a commercial environment. Not only is the Midnight great for consumers. It’s engineering aspects make it suitable for use for practically any application that requires a mini computer running anything Android.

As soon as you plug in your Midnight it starts up, there’s no buttons to press. Powering on and off the Midnight is fast and done by the remote control. We’ve taken everybody’s suggestions and worked hard to bring you this new improved designed Android box.

Please keep up with our Software and ROMs section to firmware updates and downloads for your.

Run android apps such as: 

Connect External Media and stream content:

Connect your external devices such as, Hard Drives, Flash Drives, SD cards. Stream content from your SMB network right off your desktop wirelessly.

Getting the Most out of the G-Box midnight:

We recommend connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse to give the user the best experience. An alternative is the android remote app based off of your smart phone the DroidMote. This application allows you to control your G-box from your smart phone. In XBMC we recommend using the XBMC remote. (Android) (iOS). Or you can purchase the G-Box mouse control from our website HERE.

A/V Port(s) Composite Video & Stereo Audio, Cable Included
CPU Powerful A9-M3 Amlogic Neon CPU
Ethernet 10/100Mbps Full Duplex
GPU Mali400 3D Accelerated Graphics
Operating System Android 4.0.4 ICS
Storage 4GB Total System Space
USB Port(s) Four (4) 2.0 High Speed USB Ports


Great box for the money
                       By Abdullah M. Khan

I have it connected to my 60" running 1080i videos from my thumb drive. The video is smooth and no freezes. The response time is pretty quick, and all the apps I have installed so far work great. This is one of the better boxes out there in this price range. Stay away from those no-brand direct-from-china boxes.

Great device once the apps are installed
                      By Maya Bentley
I purchased this box since my friend also purchased it and loves his. Don't expect to turn it on and watch TV. It doesn't work like that. It boots into the android desktop and you can choose any app you want. It's more like a computer and you'll have to install the android apps that you want to use for this. Personally I like the Viki app to keep up with Korean shows and also XBMC with 1channel to watch all the latest movies. These apps work great on it. XBMC was already installed on mine but I updated it to the latest version when I received it. All in all its a wonderful device and highly recommended for any android lover.

I love having all of these options
                      By Daniel Jarrett

I also own the Roku player and decided to buy one of these to see if it's better. I didn't realize at first that this was actually a full android system. I thought it was just a movie player built on android. I was quite shocked to find out that I can install practically anything from the play store and use it here. Very awesome! It's amazing what you can buy for $100 these days.
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